You arrive in Shanghai to meet your previous work buddy for a new job. The job, of course, goes completely off the rails. You are now sprinting through Shanghai hallways, express lanes, underground, sweatshops, eateries, and other culturally ambiguous set-pieces. Beneath the excessive yelling and derogatory commentary aimed at you, the player character the game continues to actively roll on as if nothing that just transpired in the last couple of hours even matter. Names aren’t really learned nor are antagonistic motivations. You, the player, simply exist in this never-ending descent of anxiety and dread.

I thought this game was alright.

There’s something about this year that is incredibly difficult to describe without a heap of emotion to follow said description. Everything from ‘outrageous’ to ‘utterly dreadful’ encapsulates what will be an unforgettable year not only for myself but for the world. A full blown pandemic in the 21st Century has completely changed how our daily life and culture will venture on into the future, socially and business-wise. Even I don’t see myself removing my face-masks and distancing practices out of my life as we progress into the next year.

Still, with loss plaguing our lives and the constant fear of…

Silky Holidays!

game dialogue goes here

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